Caros visitantes,

espero que vocês divirtam-se muito lendo minhas palavras. Peço, porém, por ser esse um trabalho independente, que não republiquem meus textos - inteiros, partes, frases, versos - sem minha expressa autorização. A pena para crime de plágio é dura, além de ser algo bastante humilhante para quem é processado. Tenho certeza que não terei problemas com relação a isso, mas é sempre bom lembrar!

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quarta-feira, 7 de janeiro de 2009

Our Coats Were Wet At That Time

For Gloria, my Hungarian friend, that I met in Cambridge

And now, Gloria
What about our lives?
It’s raining (they say it’s summer)
and our coats are at home
and we are wet
and the umbrella is small for us both

Do you remember that time?
When we were young
and you used to smoke that bloody cig
and blow the smoke in my face
(you know that I still hate it)

The tables have turned, Gloria
the ones who used to pigeonhold us are dead
Let’s take them flowers?
Let’s let them to spare.

Some silly feelings, Gloria
Some rubbish if not you and me
I know that you are with me
Wherever I go (I’ll remember you)
I’ll remember you

We walked together
Such a small town, isn’t it?
I got lost
So did you, my friend

And you told me:
“Doesn’t matter the way, my friend,
We know how to swallow the drops of water
from the sky and being so
We know how to swallow the sky itself
I have heaven inside me
And so do you”.

And I cried, but I don’t know
if rain or tears
It goes now like the Cam
but nobody can punt on me anymore
as they used to

Just simple words, but you’ve changed my life
We were then in Sidney Street
you looked up to me and said:
“I need to go now. Enjoy your life”

Enjoy your life, Gloria.
Enjoy your life, my friend

Written in an Italian Restaurant in Cambridge, in 11/7/2008, two days after she left.